🌈🌈🌈 Free tie dye 🌈🌈🌈


Here at Cariki, we want to give you a reason to smile again πŸ˜€.Β 

That’s why this summer we are offering free tie dyes to everyone.Β 

All you need to do is send us an old top, select a colour dye, and we will do the rest.Β 

What’s the catch - nothing! All we are asking is that you pay shipping so that we can return the top back to you.

If you are interested, please pick a colour to place your order and send your T-Shirt to the following address:

4 Church Walk, Hayes, UB3 2RLΒ 

Unsure about which colour you want? Just select random and we will do our best to amaze! If you want a specific colour mix, feel free to email us at team@cariki.co.uk

Close the loop ♻️

Every year, the average UK household bins (not recycles or sends to charity) around 11kg of useable clothing.Β 

That means 300,000 tonnes of clothes that haven’t yet reached the end of their useable life ends up in landfills every 12 months, enough to fill 230 olympic size swimming pools.

This shouldn’t be the case. Just because our old tops are no longer in style, it doesn’t mean that they should be binned.Β 

That’s why we are closing the loop. We want to see clothes being reimagined, reinvented, and reused.Β 

Afterall, despite our business model of selling new clothes, the most sustainable thing to do would be to buy no new clothes and reuse what you already have.Β  Β 

SoΒ please help us save the planetΒ one top at a time. Fill in your details using the link below so that we can return your top to you to carry on using.Β 

(please read text below before sending us your top)

We do have a few suggestions before you send anything to us:

  • All tie dyes are unique, we cannot guarantee a certain design, pattern or colour but will do our best.
  • We suggest sending white tee’s for optimal results. We cannot guarantee that the dye will be visible on coloured tops.
  • This is all in the spirit of sustainability. Please only send old tops that you no longer want and that would have otherwise been thrown away. Do not send your brothers favourite shirt!
  • We will be using permanent dyes, don’t send anything that you wish to keep for best.
  • The colour you select is an approximate colour match, we cannot promise a certain colour outcome. Sometimes the colours appear more faded, other times more vibrant. We will not refund your postage fee if you do not get the exact desired outcome.
  • Do not wash tye dye tops with other clothes, especially on the first few washes. We cannot be held responsible for colours running onto your housemate’s favourite white shirt.Β 
  • Please only send clean tops. We do not want to be dying your sweaty gym clothes.Β 
  • We will happily print over tops with logos/graphic designs/embroidery. Just remember we can’t guarantee a specific desired result.Β 
  • Due to the unfortunate global circumstances we are all in, postage may be a little slower than usual. We aim to have each top dyed and returned to you within 10 working days, although times may vary.Β 

If you like the sounds of this, then send us your top to reinvent. We would love it if you could also spread the word to anyone who you think might like this offer!