Our Story


How many of you have ever dreamed of making something yourself? You feel like you know the market inside out, and that what you can produce would offer more value to users than anything that is currently out there. 

Well this is our dream, and it quickly became something we have poured almost every spare hour of our waking day. 

Our Why  

Have you noticed that everyone is trying to look unique, but wearing the same big brands which repeat exactly the same styles from a regular cotton fit. We wanted to offer something that is not only different in style but also feels better than anything you have ever worn before. 

Our mission    is simple, to create eye catching designs that are subtle yet powerful. We want you to be stopped in the streets, bars and clubs just to be told that you are wearing something that impresses. Yet our clothes have to do more than just look good, they have to feel better than anything you have worn before. Bamboo provides just that, we promise it is so soft that you won't want to take it off. 

We are also aware that our planet is delicate, so were determined that our clothes break the norm which has led to the fashion industry being one of the most polluting industries on the planet. We feel it is our duty to do our part. As a result, our clothing is sustainably sourced, carbon neutral and ethically produced to allow you to feel good about every purchase.

This is our dream, we hope to encourage you to go out and create yours!

Sam and Tom


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