Sustainable Women’s White Tencel T-Shirt

Sustainable Women’s White Tencel T-Shirt | Cariki Official

This white tencel T-shirt with Miami inspired design has a soft and styled fit.

Inspiring design on a responsibly manufactured top, tencel Tees offer something a little different to your ordinary cotton T-shirt.

Our sustainable women’s tencel t-shirts are the next step in the sustainable fashion revolution.

We are spreading the message about the importance to shop more responsibly.

Product Overview

Ever worn Tencel Tees before? Wondering what even is tencel clothing?

Tencel is an incredible new innovation that uses carbon efficient methods to turn wood pulp into a luxury soft fabric that is ultra-sustainable and affordable.  

This produces a premium women’s sustainable T-Shirt that feels amazing, is kind on your skin and is super breathable. It is the future of fashion.

Our aim is to challenge the clothing industry to provide more sustainable alternatives.

Product Details

Made from 50% Organic Cotton, 50% Tencel Lyocell

Super soft to touch

Ethically manufactured, original Fair Wear product

Lightweight, breathable, sporty feeling material

Sustainably produced with a Carbon Footprint Reduction


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