100% Tencel Clothing

Tencel is one of the most environmentally friendly fabrics in existence... created from sustainably harvested wood pulp.

An innovative material made in a closed loop system, meaning almost all waste is either purified or captured and reused.

100% tencel is a natural material ranking amongst the most sustainable fabrics we can use, created by renewable energy and producing virtually zero emissions.

What is Tencel?

Tencel is an organic fibre created by turning wood pulp into fabric.
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Cariki Tencel T-shirts

Ridiculously soft, breathable and durable, this is a material that is in a class of its own. Its unique properties and different blends makes it perfect for everything from activewear through to shirts.


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How are sustainable TENCEL™ Lyocell Clothes Made?

Tencel is one of the most environmentally friendly fabrics known to man, which is why we are developing our Tencel range further. It is made from sustainably farmed wood, which is turned into organic fibres through a closed loop system.

This closed loop system involves a non-toxic organic solvent that dissolves the wood pulp into a clear solution. This solution is then pumped through spinnerets, small holes which resemble a showerhead, to produce long threads. These threads are next spun into yarn, which can then be blended with other materials such as cotton or wool if desired.

After this process, over 99% of the solvent is recovered and recycled back into production, the tiny fraction of emissions remaining being decomposed through biological purification.

Tencel, the sustainable material of the future?

The sustainable nature of this procedure has earned it the ‘European Award for the Environment’ by the European Union. As bleach is not needed and only softer dying processes are required, Tencel also carries the Oeko Tex 100 certification, an international standard signifying that no harmful substances are used to manufacture this fabric.

The Tencel making process,
an incredible use of mother nature's materials

How is tencel eco friendly?

Over 10 times more ecological than cotton, using 95% less water, zero chemicals and made from 100% fast growing, sustainably farmed tree fibres.
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Sustainable style, impressive design.
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Soft, breathable and feels great.

Kind to skin – no chemicals

No added chemicals, gentle dying processes and a non-toxic organic solvent, Tencel is perfect for even the most sensitive skin types.


Like cotton, it is soft and smooth but superior at thermo-regulation and moisture wicking. Ideal for all environments; outstanding performance in extreme temperatures or an active lifestyle.
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Super comfy, figure hugging, sustainable.
Why is Tencel sustainable...

10 times more ecological than cotton, using 95% less water and made from fast growing sustainably farmed organic material, tencel is the responsible choice.

Low Wastage
The closed loop system recovers over 99% of the organic solvent used, also reducing resource requirements.

Minimal energy usage
Renewable energy and efficient manufacturing techniques minimises emissions and reduces the impact on the environment.

Natural Origin
Unlike synthetic fibres, Tencel is derived from natural organic material that does not require intensive chemical pesticides, herbicides or fertilizers.

Made from a natural material, tencel is 100% biodegradable and compostable so will revert fully back to nature.

Carbon Sink
When wood grows it sequesters carbon from the air. Due to the fibre being made from sustainably farmed wood, it acts as a carbon sink.

Ecological And Ethical
Unlike most fabrics, Tencel is sourced from sustainably farmed wood meaning it doesn’t threaten habit destruction, soil erosion, local pollution and other issues related to the mass production of cheap raw materials like non-organic cotton.

What are the key benefits of tencel?

Thermal regulation
Sub-microscopic channels helps transfer heat, supporting the body’s natural temperature and keeping you feeling pleasant in any environment.

Moisture wicking
Tencel is 50% more absorbent than cotton. Moisture can pass through the fibre thanks to a network of sub-microscopic channels called nanofibrils, without wetting the fibre surface.

Quick drying
Tencel dries extremely quickly, aided by the sub-microscopic channels which helps transport moisture away from the core of the fibre.

Smooth and Soft
Tencel is an organic fibre that remains naturally soft and smooth, even after repeated washes. Its high quality texture glides lightly over the skin, and touch tests show it to be at least twice as soft as cotton.

Kind to skin
The smooth surface of the fibre and the fact zero chemicals are used in production makes Tencel feel incredibly soft and prevents irritation or sticking to skin. Suitable for even the most sensitive skin.

Cellulose materials are distinguished by their strength and long lasting durability.

Reduced bacterial growth
Tencel prevents bacterial growth by up to 2000 times compared to synthetic fibres, aided by quick moisture wicking from the surface and core of the fibre. This also helps reduce body odours.

Wrinkle resistant
The natural properties of the fibre helps keep a clean and wrinkle free surface, so you can put it in your bag without worrying about how it will come out.

Machine washable
Just throw your top into the washing machine and wash on a low heat. For environmental reasons and to keep your top feeling brand new, we always recommend washing at 30 degrees and not putting it in the drier.