Rambhai Bhai, organic cotton farmer.
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Making Ethical Fashion Affordable

Ethics is one of the fundamental pillars that Cariki is founded upon. At Cariki, we believe that we must care for those who share the planet with us. Yet it shouldn't be out of reach and unaffordable to you.

It is all too easy to forget about those who are involved in making your clothes. After all, it is unlikely that you would have ever been in contact with anyone who works in an overseas textile factory.

Around 152 million children across the globe are engaged in child labour. That's 10% of the total population of children. Almost half of them, 73 million, work in hazardous conditions.

- International Labour Organisation

Looking after those who are involved in making our products is of utmost importance to us at Cariki. Paying a fair wage is just one way that we can help raise people out of poverty. In some countries, adults earn so little that they are forced to send their children out to work from a young age just to supplement the family income, a problem which is particularly acute in less developed countries.

There is an estimated 152 million children engaged in child labour across the globe, the equivalent to 10% of the global population of children. The textile industry is sadly a large employer of children, forced to employ cheap workers to satisfy consumer demands for low priced garments.

Organic farmers in the Nimar region, India.
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Karyna, one of our garment manufacturers in London

Fortunately, this number has been on the decline over recent years, however more can still be done to combat this shocking statistic.

By paying a fair wage to farmers and workers, Cariki gives children back the right to be a child. We do this by helping to ensure those involved earn enough to provide for their entire family, so parents aren’t forced to send children out to work.

We will never partner with anyone whose treatment of staff is questionable, ensuring strict adherence to the principles of good working conditions and fair pay.

Cariki's Ethical Certifications

To ensure social responsibility and fair wages, our suppliers are certified by independent bodies such as SA8000, Fair Wear, GOTS, GRS, BSCI or Fairtrade, who monitor social labour conditions in the factories and fields where our materials are sourced and manufactured.
Sampling partners in London
Workshop specialises in upcycled Italian leather

We take great pride in the suppliers we partner with and the relationships we develop. We search for manufacturers who go beyond simply adhering to standard practices, as we want to see evidence that they take care of the wellbeing of their employees, communities and the environment in which they operate.

Affordable ethical fashion is at our core

Our brand is built around relationships. We approach problems with an open mind-set, committed to learning from everyone throughout the production process so that we can continue to develop new and innovative products. We seek to bring about change, fundamental to which is the level of trust that we must have in our suppliers and manufacturers.

This means that wherever possible we take the time to visit our manufacturers, are always looking to talk to employees and are willing to listen to our customers. Our primary aim is to deliver the best products at the lowest cost to the environment, a journey which starts with an idea born in the workshop and is dependent on the skills and expertise of our suppliers and manufacturers. It requires a flexible approach and a willingness to experiment, one that has led us to work with leaders in their respective fields.