Cariki original bamboo T-shirt,
At our first ever studio shoot

Our Story...

Cariki grew from a small company in London which started by selling bamboo clothing. The aim was to sell something different and unique, using a material that no one had ever worn before.

There is a good reason why bamboo was the first material of choice for Cariki. When bamboo grows, it grows fast. It does not require chemicals to produce high crop yields, and absorbs carbon from the air. More importantly perhaps, it both looks and feels amazing to wear.
Our first ever photo shoot was on an industrial site near London

As Cariki expanded beyond the confines of its small garage space, so too did its understanding of how the fashion industry operates.

What we discovered as a company truly shocked us.

Fashion is one of the largest polluters on the planet, producing more CO2 that both shipping and air travel combined.

It also causes huge amounts of damage to the local environments where it is mass produced, not to mention the poor working conditions that many have to suffer.
The shoot was in January... look close for the goose bumps
This shoot helped get our first ever sales, so we were very happy

The founders of Cariki knew they didn’t want any part of this.

What started as a small company selling comfortable bamboo clothing developed into a determination to change the fashion industry.

As a brand, we became determined to make every decision with the environment in mind. Where solutions weren’t available, it was our job to create them.

As we continued to grow, so too did our reason for existence.
Our first proper studio shoot

Over the years, Cariki has gone from strength to strength. No longer a brand selling only bamboo clothing, it has expanded its reach to include some of the most sustainable fashion collections to date.

The latest fashion innovations include recycled festival tents, upcycled Italian leather offcuts, tencel produced through an incredibly sustainable closed loop system, as well as a full range of natural and organic fibres.

We will continue searching for radical new fabrics, marrying these with original designs that provide on trend sustainable alternatives.

As the climate crisis deepens, so does our ambition and passion. Join the club by signing up to hear about how we are attempting to challenge the climate crisis.
Our journey into sustainable fashion continues...
As we continue to release new collections, Cariki will pursue new and innovative sustainable fabrics...