About Us

Think of your favourite fashion focused, urban styled clothing brands… Now add a foundation built upon ethics and sustainability. This is what Cariki is, and it represents so much more than your average retailer - It represents a coming revolution in the world of fashion.

We are focused on design that will inspire millennials to switch to more responsible fashion choices.

Every decision we make is with the environment in mind. We are aware that most teens and twenty-somethings are sensitive to climate issues, but might not know where to start when it comes to sustainable fashion. We are trying to build that bridge that will help people take easy steps in the right direction.  


The clothing industry must radically change if we are to create a sustainable future.
We work tirelessly to find alternatives to the mass produced fabrics that you see on the high street.
We strive to keep our carbon footprint to a minimum, using innovative fabrics that are produced with the planet in mind and built to last.
Our commitment to protecting the environment leads us to worry about how each item is made so that you don’t have to.
We work closely with suppliers to ensure all of our products are ethically produced.
We have very high standards and will never partner with those whose conduct could be questioned or with factories who accept the mistreatment of employees.
This means we try to visit our suppliers and we look for evidence to prove the fair treatment of staff, whether through certifications like Fairwear or Fairtrade, factory audits or direct communication.
We have a clear conscience so that you can too.
Cariki Founders New Zealand

Cariki’s story starts in New Zealand, where we spent a few months driving around the beautiful landscape with the sole purpose of having fun. One of the topics discussed on our travels was the possibility of creating a clothing brand with a difference, one which produces subtle yet bold designs whilst limiting the impact on the environment.

The more we thought about this and the more we learnt about how devastating the fashion industry is to our planet, the more we knew we had to turn our ideas into reality.

The name Cariki can can be traced to the ancient Maori word for chief or king.

As we grow and develop, our ideas continue to be shaped by the ever-increasing number of articles uncovering the truth about this industry, and these are just the tip of the iceberg! Each article we read gives us fresh motivation to carry on.

We live in an age where climate change is becoming a very real and present issue. Millennials have been educated about the need to look after the environment, yet hardly anyone is aware that fashion is one of the most devastating industries on our planet. According to some experts, the textile industry is the second largest polluter, second only to oil.
At Cariki, it is our mission to help bring about change. We take our sourcing very seriously, choosing a range of ethical and sustainable materials including organic cotton, recycled polyester, Tencel and bamboo. We partner only with factories who have the highest levels of  certifications and accreditations, and work only with those who can provide us with proof of responsible production. Wherever possible, we are trying to minimise waste and reuse packaging, using water based Okeo-Tex approved dyes.
Most importantly perhaps, we are trying to help spread the message about sustainable apparel.
It is our mission to make sustainable fashion affordable and accessible to everyone. Ultimately, our goal is to be able to compete with regular fashion brands and to one day make sustainable clothing the norm.


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