Cariki: Our Brand

Cariki is a London based streetwear brand dragging fashion into the 21st Century.

Urban inspired yet made with the environment in mind, our aim is to create bold new trends using only responsible alternatives. We combine environmental ingenuity with charismatic style to bring you the latest and greatest in sustainable fashion.

Designed for the raver, the risk taker and the change maker.

We are for those who strive for better.

One of the UK’s leading fashion focused sustainable apparel brands, we aim to prove that sustainable fashion is the future.

Organic cotton T-shirts,
Environmental, ethical, comfortable.
Cariki windbreaker,
made from upcycled tents

Our Reason for Being

There are no shortcuts or easy way outs. No approach that’s simple when it comes to saving our planet. The only thing that will make a difference is if we act now.

At Cariki, we appreciate that change is needed, but we also understand that change can be difficult. Yet it shouldn’t be.

Cariki are trying to do something meaningful about the climate challenge today. Our aim is to use only sustainable materials to make our clothes, from natural and organic fibres to upcycled and reintroduced offcuts.

We want to minimize our waste, lower our carbon footprint, and decrease our impact on the world as much as possible. If only all companies thought the same way…
Mens tencel range,
Sustainability at its best, full closed loop.
Mens leather jacket,
Made from upcycled Italian leather offcuts.

A fragile planet

As the climate crisis deepens and the need to take drastic action draws ever nearer, we want to provide you with a sustainable alternative.

Fashion is sadly one of the most polluting industries on our planet. More CO2 is produced from the production of fabrics than all air travel and shipping combined.

This doesn’t have to be the case. Alternatives are out there and the technology does exist to put a stop to this, but an insatiable demand for fast fashion continues to give an incentive to large companies to cut corners.

At Cariki, we appreciate that our current way of life will become threatened if left to continue. That is why we have pledged to never stop in our search for more sustainable options.
Our Team, Cariki