Transitioning Fast Fashion To Sustainable Clothing

We live in an age where climate change is becoming a very real and present threat. Most of us are now aware about the need to look after the environment, yet hardly anyone knows exactly how to do this. We constantly hear vague and overly simplistic advice, telling us to eat less meat or use less plastic, but what exactly does this mean and how can we practically implement more sustainable living into our daily lives?
Women's Bamboo T-Shirt, Cariki
Fear Wear, Organic content, Okeo-Tex 100

At Cariki, we are committed to helping to bring about change. We are tackling one of the most environmentally damaging industries of all, fashion, which according to experts releases a level of pollution that is second only to the oil industry.

As a result, we take our sourcing very seriously, choosing a range of ethical and sustainable materials including organic cotton, recycled polyester, tencel, bamboo and natural fibres.

"Our goal is to prove there is an alternative to fast fashion"

Tom Hole, Founder

We partner only with factories who have the highest levels of certifications and accreditations, and work only with those who can provide us with proof of responsible production. Wherever possible, we are trying to minimize waste and reuse packaging, and use responsible water based Okeo-Tex dyes.

Most importantly perhaps, we are trying to help spread the message about sustainable apparel, and are committed to making sustainability affordable and accessible to everyone. Ultimately, our goal is to be able to compete with regular fashion brands and to one day make sustainable living the norm.

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