founders sam tom cariki


How many of you have ever dreamed of making something yourself? You feel like you know the market inside out, and that what you can produce would offer more value to the majority of users than anything that is currently out there. 

Well this was our dream, and it quickly became something we spent almost every spare hour of our waking days doing. 


Have you ever noticed that everyone is trying to stand out and wear something unique, but in doing so they usually blend perfectly into a crowd? The reality is that most of us now wear the same big brands which repeat the same styles using a regular cotton fit.

But this doesn’t make sense. Not only are these styles repetitive, they are almost always produced using highly polluting processes that are damaging to the environment. This needn’t be the case as there are much better alternatives out there, most of which remain unknown to the majority of the population.

Our minds were made up, we wanted to offer something that is not only different in style but also feels better than anything you have ever worn before, all the while staying true to our desire to create an alternative brand which positively impacts the planet.  


Cariki has gone on to produce simple and eye catching designs using innovative materials found hardly anywhere else in the market. We want you to be stopped in the streets, bars and clubs just to be told that you are wearing something that looks great.

Whilst progress in the clothing industry remains slow, we feel we are doing our part to help the planet today. As a result our clothing is low impact, sustainable sourced and ethically produced to allow you to feel good about every purchase.

This is our dream, we hope to encourage you to go out and create yours!