September 28, 2019

15 best tips and tricks: Glastonbury 2022 ticket advice

As Glastonbury 2022 tickets go on sale this Thursday and Sunday morning, we have created a list of the top tips to help you nab those elusive spaces.

Before we dive in, it is useful to paint a picture and remind ourselves of the excitement (or horrors) of buying Glastonbury tickets. 

Glastonbury festival ticket

We know the feeling all too well...

All your devices open, your friends on the other end of Whatsapp nervously waiting for the tickets to go live. Wishing each other good luck in the minutes before that battle begins.

The whistle goes and everyone makes a mad dash for them, anxiously sitting and watching the page, hoping that the next time it refreshes will bring you something other than the same holding page. 

You and your friends were all so prepared, but now the floodgates are open it’s almost like no one was ready at all. 

Yes, we have been there, and are going through the same process ourselves. That is why we have collected this list of the 15 best tips and tricks to getting yourself a Glastonbury ticket 2022. 

Glastonbury ticket 2020

When is the Glastonbury 2022 ticket release day?

Coach tickets will go on sale at 6pm BST on Thursday, 3rd October, whilst general admission tickets go on sale at 9am BST on Sunday, 6th October.

How much is a ticket for Glastonbury 2020?

Glastonbury tickets aren’t cheap, but they are also more economical than many European events where flights and accommodation can really stress your small budget. The price for Glastonbury tickets in 2022 is £280 + £5 booking fee per ticket, of which a £50 deposit is required whilst purchasing the ticket (plus coach fare if booking a coach package). The balance will be payable in the first week of April 2020. 

Where will I be able to pay for my ticket balance?

Do not buy Glastonbury Festival tickets from anywhere except – other sites selling tickets to this event are not authentic, so don’t run the risk. 

1. Make sure you're registered

It sounds obvious, but you must register before you can purchase your Glastonbury ticket. Nobody can buy a ticket without a unique registration number.  


2. Work as a team

You are allowed to book up to 6 tickets per transaction. That means you can team up with 5 others to increase your odds of one person getting through and buying a ticket for the group. 

3. Have a spreadsheet

It may sound a little mathsy to some of you, but you need to familiarise yourself with your team’s spreadsheet. Make sure your details are up to date in it, and have it readily accessible for when the tickets go live. If you get in, you have 6 minutes to type in all the necessary details, so have everything ready and waiting.

4. Put card details on autofill

Have your card details ready and waiting to quickly infill the purchase form by preloading them into autofill. This will save you valuable seconds whilst nervously scrambling to type as fast as you possibly can without making a mistake. 

5. Have enough money in your account

It goes without saying that you need enough money in your account to buy tickets for yourself and your team. A minimum £50 deposit is required for each person.

6. Sign in to Seetickets

If you haven’t already, create a seetickets account ahead of the sale date. Then, in the minutes before release, sign in to speed up the process. 

7. Use multiple devices

Despite Glastonbury explicitly asking people not to use multiple devices as it doesn’t reflect the ethos of the festival, they haven’t said it doesn’t work. So why not give yourself more of a chance by using multiple devices to attempt to buy tickets. 

Glastonbury tickets use multiple devices

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8. Don’t open too many tabs

Adding numerous tabs likely won’t increase your odds, as tabs tend to share the same information and could lead to booking clashes. Glastonbury’s website states that multiple tabs can confused ticket sales processing and cause transaction failure. For this reason, we recommend using multiple browsers and not numerous tabs. 

9. Turn up early

It sounds really obvious, but if you turn up late you will decrease your chances of buying a ticket. Set an alarm and be there on time, this is not something where it is cool to turn up fashionably late. Be ready and prepared to proceed with your teams’ details in your spreadsheet on hand.

10. No half measures

You must take this seriously if you want to be in with a chance of bagging yourself those all important tickets. Take it as seriously as the hour before your next deadline, or as if you are about to present something to an audience. You must focus for those 45 minutes, so don’t turn up hungover or forget to set alarms. 

11. Refresh, refresh, refresh

Once live, continue to refresh after every time it fails to load or if it crashes until you get yourself in the queue for tickets. However, when in the queue, do not refresh or hit back!

12. Backspace

Once you are past the main hurdle and enter the queue for tickets, if your page crashes you must not refresh. Instead, clicking backspace will take you to the previous page you were on, where you can complete that page and try to continue. 

13. Help your friends out if successful

If you manage to buy tickets for your team, you may as well try to help another group by getting back in line and trying to buy them tickets as well. No doubt you will know multiple people desperately searching for a ticket who will do almost any favours for you to help them out. 

14. Use card, not PayPal

We advise that you pay using card, not PayPal, as the latter opens up a new PayPal window which can interrupt the purchase process. Even if this is unlikely, there is no need to create any extra risk. 

15. Know when to cut your losses

Sometimes, a catastrophic event might happen where the page freezes whilst you are entering your details. Glastonbury recommends not waiting any more than 10 minutes once you are at this point, as your access to the page will expire after this time. Cut your losses no matter how hard it is by closing the browser and starting again. Every second counts.

Glastonbury festival advice

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