32 Best Eco Friendly Boutiques: Online Ethical, Sustainable Stores

June 01, 2023

Finding eco-friendly boutiques should be easy, and with this guide to over 31 best eco-friendly boutiques in the UK it will be. 

From vintage clothes to sustainable furniture, upcycling to natural cleaning products, the green revolution is truly here. Collectively these online stores are forcing the high street to change. And this change is long overdue. 

So let’s make it easier to shop sustainably today. Here is our shortlist of the 31 best eco friendly boutiques:

8 online ethical everything stores - find almost all eco friendly alternatives:

1. Veo

2. Ethical Superstore

3. Shop Like You Give A Damn

4. Social Supermarket

5. &Keep

6. Bower Collective

7. Friendly Turtle

8. Etsy

More specialised eco friendly boutiques:

9. All Earth Mineral Cosmetics: ethical cosmetics, makeup, skincare

10. By Nala: therapeutic candles, diffusers and aromatherapy

11. Habulous: contemporary ceramics, pottery and homeware

12. Blushberry Botanicals: luxury natural cosmetics and toiletries

13. Clean Living: natural cleaning products for your home

14. Ethical Nutrition Co: sustainable supplements and healthcare 

15. Bookshop.org: discover trending and best books, supports independent book shops

16. Hairy Jayne: best haircare to ethically nourish

17. KOHA Beauty: natural beauty products, soaps, haircare, dental, candles

18. Our Hands: craft something yourself with a kit e.g. perfume making, bath brew kit etc.

19. Emilie O’Connor: ocean inspired bamboo tableware, plates, bowls etc.

20. Kula: vegan bags, purses, rucksacks and accessories

21. Little Box of Love: gift boxes for loved ones and occasions

22. The Teaspoon Club: ethically sourced herbs and spices

23. Little Imp: Simple stunning jewellery alongside statement pieces

24. Nouare Jewellery: timeless, minimalist and versatile jewellery

25. Scene: vegan, natural and organic skincare

26. Battle Green: swap everyday items for eco friendly alternatives

27. Linen and Stripes: stylish duvets, sheets and pillow cases

28. Shoreline Shaving: eco-friendly shaving for men and women

29. Konk Furniture: stylish hand crafted wood furniture

30. The Sustainable Watch Company: classically designed wood watches

31. Panda: bamboo bedding and sleep accessories 

31 best eco friendly boutiques

1. Veo

Wondering which eco-friendly boutique to start with? Start with Veo

Veo is an online marketplace that stocks hundreds of sustainable and ethical UK brands. Their products cover almost every item you could imagine, making it easy to find a sustainable alternative to what you’re looking for. 

From ethical fashion to functional furniture, green cleaning to eco toiletries. If you need it, they sell it. 

Whether you are looking to indulge yourself or searching for a conscious gift, I’d suggest starting here



2. Ethical Superstore

One of the ‘originals’ in the eco-friendly boutique landscape, Ethical Superstore sells almost everything that you might need to live a sustainable lifestyle. 

From food and drinks, detergents to dog care, if you need a natural alternative then they have likely got it. 

To help you search through their enormous store, they have added filters that allow you to search by core belief. For example, you can filter products to show only plastic free, vegan or recycled items. Alternatively you can search by certification, such as B-Corp, Fair Trade or GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard).

If you are unsure where to start on your ethical journey, Ethical Superstore is a great online store to begin with. 


3. Shop Like You Give A Damn

Shop Like You Give A Damn is a small, independent boutique that partners with sustainable and ethical brands. This allows them to offer an incredible range of inclusive, sustainable and consciously created gifts. 

Their heart lies in sustainable fashion, listing a huge selection of sustainable fashion brands.Get rid of fast fashion habits and swap for eco friendly clothing, the most sustainable option to improve the fashion industry.

Yet their product line is ever growing, and they won’t cut corners. They do things the right way, with the planet at the centre of their agenda. 

They are a go-to for gift ideas, selling candles to cushions, makeup and mens clothing. They are one of my favourite shops, it’s worth checking out their store when shopping for sustainable products. 



4. Social Supermarket

Social Supermarket is a social enterprise marketplace bringing together hundreds of ethical businesses. 

Each brand is hand picked to ensure they are tackling environmental and human issues. You can shop an incredible range of products, from sustainable food and drinks, conscious clothing, natural cleaning products, gentle health and beauty, along with much more. 

To make it easier to navigate their brands, a system is applied so that you can filter by positive benefit. For example, you could search by zero waste or B-Corp, Handmade or female empowerment. Whatever values matter most to you. 

Social Supermarket makes it easy to find the brands that are doing it the right way. Every purchase on Social Supermarket is a force for good, and will create a positive ripple of change for people and the planet.


5. &Keep 

&Keep is a Dorset based online boutique that sells a range of homeware and household products. If you are looking for products that are kinder for you and the planet, then do a bit of online shopping through their store. 

They specialise in products that you use everyday around the home, such as cleaning products, bathroom necessities or utensils for the kitchen. But they also have a great selection of gift ideas or eco friendly outdoor items, like camping equipment. 

They even have a subscription service for those more essential sustainable items like refillable deodorants, shampoo bars or hygiene products.  


6. Bower Collective

Want a small, friendly and inclusive eco-friendly store? Bower Collective might be the shop for you. 

Bower Collective is an eco-friendly boutique that sells a range of household and personal care products. Whether you are searching for natural laundry detergents or waste free refills, Bower Collective will enable you to lead a waste free lifestyle. 

Want to truly commit to a waste free life? Take advantage of their refillable products that arrive in pre-paid envelopes so you can return and refill your favourite eco-friendly products. 



7. Friendly Turtle

Another UK boutique that has it all is Friendly Turtle. Whether you’re looking to treat yourself or simply trying to make an everyday sustainable swap, Friendly Turtle likely has the answer. 

They divide their website into easy to filter values, such as handmade, natural, vegan, organic, cruelty free, and many more. 

With over 1700 ethical products and counting, it’s no wonder they have so many 5 star reviews. They even donate to charity with every purchase made, what more can you ask for? 


8. Etsy

Perhaps not one that you might expect us to list, but it has a whole range of eco-friendly boutiques if you are willing to search for them. 

If you haven’t heard of Etsy, it’s one of the largest marketplaces for independent sellers and crafters. You can find anything on Etsy, and I mean literally anything. Want a unique gift your loved one hasn’t even heard of before - Etsy is the best place for you. How about a personalised present - Etsy. 

Make sure you search for local sellers using sustainable materials. If you get this right, then Etsy is the store you need to visit. 

Specialist Eco-Friendly Boutiques:

9. All Earth Mineral Cosmetics

If you are searching for a cosmetics brand that prioritises the health of your skin along with the welfare of animals and the environment, then All Earth Mineral Cosmetics are a must see. 

All Earth Mineral Cosmetics was founded by Julie and Guy, makeup and skincare specialists who had been searching for a brand they could trust. They have a desire to prioritise a skin care range that is:

  • Simple to choose and use
  • Versatile and durable
  • Suitable for sensitive skin
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Vegan
  • Cruelty free
  • Ethically and sustainably sourced

They spend a long time perfecting the packaging, releasing a sustainable ‘pot for life’ that’s truly beautiful and easy to refill. 

They even have an eco swap service where you can send your old plastic makeup containers and even brushes, and they will fully recycle them through Terracycle.

As a result of this success, the brand was awarded the National Health, Beauty & Wellness award for the most eco conscious cosmetics in the UK. 

10. By Nala

By Nala is a boutique with a passion for aromatherapy candles and diffusers, but there’s a twist. This eco-friendly store only uses 100% natural ingredients and pure essential oils. That way, their products are better for you, your mental wellbeing and the environment. 

Their brand helps promote calm in your life. It is said to aid sleep, relaxation, boost your mood and give you the therapeutic effects of natural scented products. 

All their products are hand lovingly made in their Lancashire workshop with sustainability and ethics at their heart.

11. Habulous 

The next boutique is a bit of a gem. Habulous is a UK based ethical ceramics and pottery brand focused on creating timeless pieces for your home through sustainable practices. 

Their range of designs are inspiring, creating contemporary ceramics from traditional methods. Each piece has a character of its own, designed to help us move away from our throw away lifestyle. 

If you are searching for a gift, then Habulous might be a good place to start. You’ll be surprised at what you can do with this natural and wonderful material. Oh, and I forgot to mention that they also sell stunning jewellery. 

12. Blushberry Botanicals

I love this beautiful boutique. Blushberry Botanicals creates luxury organic cosmetics that are all hand made in small batches using only the finest natural materials. 

The founder Lorrain Tait has a deep knowledge and passion for botany and organic ingredients. From her workshop in the North East of Scotland, she has created a wide range of products to truly care for your skin. 

Organic cream deodorants, antioxidant clay face masks, lavender hand balms, if you are looking to treat your skin then Blushberry is the place to go.  

13. Clean Living

Looking to clean your home with a conscience? Clean Living creates award winning natural cleaning products that are safe to use in your house and non-toxic for the environment. 

Their products are all 100% natural and refillable. This means the carbon emissions of Clean Living’s products are much lower than rivals you’d find in the supermarket. 

What makes them stand out? Perhaps it’s their mission to create a superior deep clean by harnessing the power of nature. Or possibly it’s their innovative spirit, being the first UK brand to introduce refillable aluminium spray bottles that you can subscribe to. 

Whatever it is, their range is natural, Ph neutral, biodegradable, vegan friendly and non-toxic to aquatic life. They also donate 1% of revenue to the Born Free Foundation. 

14. Ethical Nutrition Co

Searching for an environmentally conscious boutique with health at their core? Then Ethical Nutrition Co is the brand you’re searching for. 

Ethical Nutrition Co sells food supplements with a difference. All of their formulations are animal and planet friendly, additive free and packaged ethically. This means fully recyclable, lightweight and ocean friendly product packaging.

Grace, the founder, created the brand whilst she was searching for high quality supplements that would support her health after suffering from cancer at the age of 15. In her struggle, the vast difference in the quality of food supplements became all too apparent. Few brands seemed to do things the right way. 

Whatever supplement you need, from collagen to Vitamin D to your standard multi-vit, it’s likely they’ve got it. 

15. Bookshop.org

Bookshop.org is on a mission to help support local, independent bookshops. 

Whilst Bookshop.org is a fantastic way to discover books that are trending or find novels you’d never heard of, they have a special secret that makes them even more of a treasure. 

Each independent bookshop selling on the site will receive almost all of the profits. In total, Bookshop.org gives away over 75% of its profit margin to local boutiques. That’s helped it become a certified B-Corp. In other words, you can guarantee they have the highest social and environmental standards.

Gone are the days of big corporations, Bookshop.org is helping give power back to local independent bookshops that are sadly dying out. 

So this boutique is a little different, but one I can’t recommend highly enough. 

16. Hairy Jayne

A boutique that prioritises your hair, finally! Hairy Jayne sells a range of specialist hair care products that moisturise, protect and nourish your hair. Their products are also sulphate free, cruelty free and formulated with natural ingredients to promote head health. 

Jayne is perhaps the most qualified person to produce hair care products. After years of hairdressing in award winning salons, she decided to branch out after becoming frustrated at the number of women struggling to maintain healthy looking nourished hair.

Inspired by nature, reducing our reliance on plastic through refills and biodegradable pouches, and opting for cruelty free, Jayne’s crowning glory produces fragrances you won’t want to miss out on. 

17. KOHA Beauty 

Dreaming of a more sustainable world where ethical beauty products are the norm? Well KOHA Beauty might help you realise this dream. 

KOHA Beauty creates lovingly crafted soaps, haircare, dental, sponges, soaps and candles without any of the nasty stuff. This means cruelty free, vegan friendly and premium quality ranges. 

Their aim is to provide an easy way to transition your beauty routine to eco-friendly alternatives. What’s more, they plant a tree for every order. 

18. Our Hands

Want the satisfaction of building something beautiful with your own hands? Our Hands is a unique small boutique that sends kits that allow you to become a mindful crafter. 

Each kit is designed around a creative pursuit. For example, a bath brew kit, a bookbinding kit, fragrance blending kit, or a watercolour paint making kit. The intention is to give you the flexibility to craft something that’s unique to you. 

The boutique is set up around three core values: mindfulness, sustainability and artisanship. They want you to experience the satisfaction of creating something beautiful with your own hands. Each stitch, brush stroke or drop of perfume should be carefully considered and comforting.

Every kit is also made with the environment in mind, ethically designed and assembled in their London studio without any unnecessary packaging. 

19. Emilie O’Connor

Emilie O’Connor specialises in stunning tableware. Whether you’re looking for beautiful bamboo picnic sets, cups, plates, or bowls, Emilie creates what you won’t forget. 

Each of these beautiful products are sustainably sourced from bamboo, one of the fastest growing and most eco friendly materials. Still conscious of her impact, Emilie donates 5% of profits to Surfers Against Sewage, to help restore the oceans to their full glory. 

And you can see the importance of the deep blue in her designs, with inspirations of the sea shining through in each lovingly crafted product. 

20. Kula

Looking for a new bag, purse or backpack that’s sustainable and made through ethical practices. Who isn’t?

Kula is an eco friendly boutique that’s committed to using sustainably sourced materials to develop eco friendly accessories. No animal based leathers are used to make their bags. Instead they use vegan friendly reinforced paper that’s sustainably sourced and approved by the Forestry Stewardship Council (FSC). 

21. Little Box of Love 

Here’s one I think you might like. Little Box of Love sends gift boxes brimming with passion and containing items from UK businesses which share the same desire for zero waste consumption. 

Best sellers include pamper gift boxes, a men’s gift box, and a cosy night in. If you have a special occasion fast approaching, such as valentines, a birthday, or an anniversary, then maybe you should check out their range. 

22. The Teaspoon Club 

The Teaspoon Club was invented from a need to find fresh herbs and spices, full of flavour as if harvested yesterday. This seemed impossible to find, especially from an ethical source. 

The majority of spices are sourced from certified organic suppliers. All products are also sent in plant based plastic packaging, labels are printed using recycled paper, and the brand is completely waste free. 

What’s more, to avoid unnecessary waste or bulk packs losing their flavour on the shelf, The Teaspoon Club sells spices in tailored quantities that you need. 

What’s better than zero waste packaging? Refillable packaging that you can return to the store, zero hassle. And of course, a tree is planted for every order made through their online ethical store. 

23. Little Imp

There are hundreds of ethical jewellers out there, so it’s hard to pick a favourite. Little Imp is one of mine. 

Their designs are versatile. Simple geometries alongside bold statement pieces. Timeless classics made with care and attention, yet still with a flare that makes them sing. Designed to be at home when worn with your favourite t-shirt or when dressing to impress. 

They’ve worked hard to have as little impact on the planet as possible. All items are handmade. No harmful chemicals are added and only recycled metals are used. Packaging is of course recycled in a further bid to reduce their impact on the environment. 

24. Nouare Jewellery

Another jeweller doing it right is Nouare. Their range is timeless, minimalist and versatile, whilst not losing the creative shimmer that you expect. 

Every piece of jewellery is considered part of their eco aware collection, made using recycled silver to reduce the need for virgin materials. Natural inspirations shine through in both their designs and the strong ethos of the brand. 

25. Scene

Scene is a skincare brand which dedicates itself to vegan, natural and organic ingredients. Handmade in Cornwall and in 100% paper packaging, you can find all skincare products you might want. From magnesium deodorant to soothing lip, body and hand balms. 

Only the highest quality natural ingredients are used, with every element chosen for their healing properties and soothing benefits they bring to the skin. And of course, all products are eco-friendly and good for the environment. Packaging is fully plastic free, fully compostable and recyclable. They even generate their own power through solar panels on the roof. 

26. Battle Green

With its roots in the beautiful Snowdonia mountains of North Wales, Battle Green offers a range of eco-friendly alternatives to everyday items. It’s purpose is to help you cut down on single use plastic. 

They offer a range of products, from essential toiletries to sustainable gift wrap. However my favourites are the gift boxes for him or her. 

All of their products are vegan friendly, handmade and cruelty free. They are packaged in recycled card, which you have the choice to opt out of at checkout. Postage is even plastic free, compostable and recycled. 

27. Linen and Stripes

Are you on a mission to make your home look as sleek and stylish using only natural products? If you’ve answered yes, then Linen and Stripes might be the eco-friendly boutique for you.

They hand make cushions, sheets, and duvet covers using the world around them for inspiration. Trust me when I say the results are eye-catching. 

Reconnect with nature through their organic, modern and minimalist pillowcases. Add colour and calm to your bedroom, or life to your living room. 

28. Shoreline Shaving

Shoreline Shaving is on a mission to provide the cleanest shave on the planet. How will they achieve this? By ridding shaving of disposable plastic whilst still providing the ultimate shaving experience. 

Shoreline specialise in eco friendly shaving products for both men and women. Every product is 100% plastic free and vegan, giving you a sustainable shave without any red blotches. The brand goes further than providing an eco shave, they also donate to Surfers Against Sewage and Ocean Cleanup. 

29. Konk Furniture

Here’s an eco-friendly boutique with a bit of a twist. Konk Furniture is a design studio and workshop where some of the most curated and bespoke pieces of furniture are hand crafted. 

Each item is built for life. The solid wood is designed to last for generations, comes from sustainably managed forests, and of course, a tree is planted with every order. 

Everything is handmade by a small team in Bristol. Their designs are so good that they have even won the Bristol Life Awards for Homes and Interiors. 

Want something a little smaller? Whilst they do sell most items, from tables and chairs to bookcases and beds, they also have smaller items like hand crafted wooden chopping boards. So don’t overlook this great find. 

30. The Sustainable Watch Company 

If you are looking for a boutique that sells something a little smaller, The Sustainable Watch Company might be a hidden brand you’ve been seeking.

Each watch is lovingly hand crafted from recycled natural wood furniture. This not only is good for the planet, giving old furniture a new life, but designs are also unique.

Not only is the design stylish, but the eco-friendly credentials are unparalleled. 100kg of carbon is offset with every order placed, double that generated by each item. They help fund sustainable reforestation and their workforce is climate positive. As it says on their website, they have certainly helped buy mother nature some time. 

31. Panda

Panda is where you should head if looking for the highest quality bedding and sleep accessories. Why? Well, not only do they have an incredible range that will suit your every need, but their products are also made from bamboo. 

Bamboo is a sustainable material with a lot of advantages. It’s incredibly fast growing, requires much less water than cotton and doesn’t need pesticides or chemicals to grow. But you can’t forget another key advantage of bamboo, it’s a highly luxurious and soft material, perfect for bedding. I dare you not to find it comfortable. 


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