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The best bamboo T-shirts brands of 2021

Bamboo T-shirts are the most comfortable pieces of clothing you may ever wear. Yet they are still quite rare, so finding one that looks good can be difficult. 

This list of the best bamboo T-shirt brands of 2021 has been created to make it easier to find the perfect bamboo T-shirt for you. Whether looking for mens or womens bamboo T-shirts, this list is for you.

Why wear bamboo T-shirts?

Have you ever worn bamboo T-shirts before? 

If not, you are in for a treat. The first time you feel this amazing fabric is guaranteed to bring a smile to your face. 

Bamboo is like nothing you’ve ever worn before. It feels super soft like silk, is lightweight and breathable, and just as importantly is sustainable. 

Maybe you have come across bamboo clothing. Perhaps you have worn bamboo socks and were left impressed, wondering whether anything else is made out of bamboo? 

Whether you are looking for yourself or are trying to find a gift idea that is a little different, this list of our favourite bamboo T-shirt brands of 2021 will help you find the right one.

Our 5 favourite brands selling bamboo T-shirts in 2021

1. BAM

With its foundations laid over a decade ago, BAM is a Mecca for all things bamboo. Originating in active, outdoors wear and adventure, they now provide a huge range of bamboo clothing, from shirts to shorts to T-shirts. If you are looking for something a little different, whilst requiring an ethical and sustainable focus, BAM is a brand you cannot ignore.

Bamboo T-shirt

Bam Bamboo T-shirt - £24.00

2. Cariki

We could not create a list of our favourite bamboo T-shirt brands without giving ourselves a shameless plug. Bamboo T-shirts were the first product we started selling, and have been a firm favourite when selling in person ever since. People always fall in love with bamboo t-shirts when they are able to feel the uniquely soft texture of the fabric. Cariki’s range of bamboo T-shirts is simple and classic, designed to suit any and all occasions. Sustainable, ethical, and with an eye to fashion, check out our latest in bamboo T-shirts. 

Cariki Mens Bamboo T-shirt

Mens Bamboo Mountain T-shirt - £24.99

3. Rapanui

Rapanui are one of the bigger players in the bamboo T-shirt space. Since 2009 Rapanui have been creating clothing to suit everyone. Their sustainable focus makes them a competitor we are very happy to promote. Rapanui’s bamboo T-shirts are particularly perfect if you are looking to grab a bundle of affordable plain bamboo Tee’s.

Bamboo T-Shirt Rapanui

Rapanui plain white bamboo T-shirt - £10

4. Thought Clothing

One of the biggest UK sustainable clothing brands, Thought Clothing offers a range of sustainable products from scarves to jumpsuits to tops. If you are looking for style, leisure, or loungewear, check out Thought Clothings bamboo range.  

Thought Clothing sustainable bamboo T-shirt

Thought plane bamboo T-shirt - £29.90

5. Positive Outlook Clothing

The simple and subtle designs of Positive Outlook’s bamboo T-shirts makes them a perfect top for every casual outfit. Again, with bamboo that glides over your skin, what more could you ask for from an essential like this? Minimalist designs, luxurious fabric, and environmentally focused, we love the positivity that this brand brings to the products it sells.

Positive Outlook Clothing bamboo black T-shirt

Positive Outlook Clothing bamboo essential T-shirt - £24.00

6. Tomoto

With designs filled with an exotic infusion of cultural creativity, Tomoto are a brand that must be considered when buying bamboo T-shirts. Specialising in limited edition bamboo T-shirts which are ethically made and hand printed in the UK, this is a brand with a lot of potential for the future. Inspired by art, music and all things cultural, their clothes are bound to bring out your individuality. 

Tomoto black bamboo T-shirt

Tomoto bamboo T-shirt - £35.00

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