September 12, 2021

15 best organic, sustainable, ethical face masks in the UK

Masks have become a fact of life for us all, which is why it’s so important to buy the right one. But finding the best face mask for you isn’t as easy as you might think, especially when you are looking to buy organic, sustainable and ethically made face masks here in the UK. 

It’s clear that we will likely be wearing masks for some time to come. Most aspects of life have been touched by the need to wear a mask, and this will continue in restaurants and clubs, fitness studios and leisure centres. I’m sure I speak for many when I say I will not be using public transport without a mask anytime soon. 

There are many reasons why it’s important to wear a mask. Masks protect you and those nearby by reducing the spread of respiratory illnesses, preventing droplets which might contain infections from spreading. Almost all governments now recommend mask wearing in public places, it seems like a common sense approach to fighting disease. 

That’s why it’s so important to find a well fitted mask that keeps droplets in, maintaining a barrier between you and those nearby.


How many reusable face masks do I need? 

Now there is no hard and fast rule which specifies how many reusable face masks you might need, however it is important to have several so that you can cycle between them and remain hygienic. 

The number of face masks you need depends on how often you are having to wear your face covering. Anything from two to six masks will be more than enough for the majority of people. If you work from home and wear a mask less often, you will need fewer masks than someone who wears one every day and is working in a hot environment or exercising in it.

If you are wearing a mask all day and working in a warm environment, you may wish to change your mask mid way through the day. Not only is this hygienic and will help kill bugs, it will also give your pores a chance to breathe. 

A reusable mask is designed to be regularly washed. The majority are well built and can be added to your washing machine or hand washed with soaps. It’s always best to follow the care instructions on your individual mask.  

Why should we use reusable masks?

There are a number of reasons why we should use reusable face masks instead of disposable masks. One of the most important reasons is that they help protect the environment. 

1.56 billion face masks entered the oceans in 2020, adding up to 6,240 metric tonnes of plastic pollution to our seas. These masks take hundreds of years to decompose and can be mistaken for food by marine life. 

Reusable face masks also help stop the spread of infection. They fit snugly around your face, preventing moisture particles from escaping and infecting those nearby. 

In contrast to most disposable face masks, reusable coverings are more comfortable and can be worn for longer. This means that you aren’t constantly adjusting your mask. Each time you touch your covering, you are increasing the risk of contaminating it. 

Not only do reusable face masks help stop the spread of infection, they also limit your chance of being accidentally exposed to it. We’ve all seen disposable masks becoming an increasingly common sight littering our streets. These masks can contain infected moisture particles, which if you or a child are accidentally exposed to can help spread the virus. 

Disposable face masks are also more expensive over the long term, as they are not machine washable and therefore cannot be reused. 

Needless to say, these benefits only come if you buy a comfortable face mask you are happy to wear and reuse. You can see why it’s important to find the perfect mask that fits well and doesn’t cost the earth. We’ve written more on reusable face masks here

Environmental impact of disposable face masks

Are there any face masks made in the UK?

Let’s turn our attention to organic, sustainable, and ethical face masks made here in the UK. Finding the right one for you is important, so let’s first ask;what is the best organic face maskthat you can buy here in the UK? 

5 Best Organic Face Masks:


Unsatisfied to just make another cotton face mask, Cariki have merged simple sleek style with the best in sustainable face masks, without losing focus on the need for reliable protection. Our Covid-19 certified masks are made from 100% organic cotton, a tightly woven natural fabric that protects you and others nearby. Planet friendly, machine washable, these masks are built to suit every occasion whilst being environmentally friendly. 


Cariki best organic cotton face mask


We love Wawwa’s style, and their 100% organic cotton face masks are always on point. 2 layers of organic cotton with a recycled polyester brand label, they come in a range of simple colours to suit your personal preferences. They are essentials, great masks to fit in wherever you are going. 

Wawwa Organic Face Mask

Vesta Living

Hand made in the UK, these organic cotton face masks come in a range of exciting prints that make your mask look truly unique. These environmentally friendly masks also have an internal pocket where you can add a filter if you wish. A range of colours and designs, they are worth checking out. 

Vesta Living Organic Cotton Face Mask

The Simple Folk

Made from 100% organic cotton and certified OEKO-TEX® dyes, these sustainable face masks are lovingly created with the planet in mind. They include a pocket where you can slide an extra filter for added protection, and have elasticated straps for comfort. What’s more, every time someone buys a mask from The Simple Folk, they donate another to women and children in need. They come in a range of natural, earthy tones. 

The Simple Folk 5 best organic cotton face coverings


Looking for some simple designs or punchy messaging, PHYNE’s organic cotton face masks are a great place to start. Made from 2 layers of densely woven organic cotton, these masks merge protection and style. Streetwear inspired PHYNE is a trailblazer in sustainable fashion, producing timeless designs with a sustainable mantra.

Phyne 5 best organic cotton face masks

5 Best Sustainable Face Masks:


A pioneer in sustainable face masks, creating arguably the most sustainable face mask on the planet. A combination of high quality eco-materials and comfortable protection, Maask’s range is something any sustainably minded shopper should seek out. Made from 100% recycled ocean plastic, Maask help in our fight to reduce and remove waste from our oceans. What’s more, they donate 2 medical grade PPE face masks to front line workers in the UK for every order sold. 

Maask best sustainable face mask


Instead of throwing out fabric waste, Boden are reusing and recycling their fabric off-cuts into gorgeous face masks. These brightly coloured masks not only reduce waste heading to landfill, it’s also a fun way to add colour to your outfit. For £30 you get 5 masks made from upcycled printed jersey that you can rotate throughout the week.

Boden 5 best sustainable face masks


The RYLEY face mask is perfect for the everyday. Made from 100% recycled waste materials (including plastic bottles) and upcycled fabric offcuts, it's a great sustainable face mask that helps the brand reduce waste. 3 layers of protection and machine washable, this mask is made for regular use and even suggests its suitability for exercise. What’s more, it’s a UK brand designed and made in London. 

Ryley best sustainable face mask for exercise


Looking for something a little more decorative whilst still being made with the environment in mind? Omnes has created beautiful ethically made cotton and plant friendly viscose masks in a range of stunning designs. Just because your mask is essential, doesn’t mean it shouldn’t look good. Made from BCI cotton and certified renewable wood pulp, these playful designs allow you to live a sustainable life in style.

Omnes 15 best sustainable face masks


You’ll be delighted by the stunning colour that this beautiful flower print sustainable mask adds to your day. Upcycling 100% natural fibres that are the offcuts of production, each mask is unique and each one seemingly looks better than the last. Ethically made from fabrics including tencel, linen and organic cotton, vegan friendly, upcycled and reusable, these masks tick all the sustainable boxes. 


15 best sustainable face coverings Sabina


5 Best Ethical Face Masks


Yes, Etsy might actually be able to claim that it is the home of all face masks. Not only is it a giant in the hand made space, comparable to Amazon but focused on individual boutiques looking to sell their artsy designs, by buying from Etsy you will be supporting a small local business. There are a number of independent sellers on Etsy even donating a chunk of their profits to charity. If you are trying to give back and do your bit for society whilst looking for something a bit more unique, well Etsy is not a bad place to look. 

Etsy best ethical face mask

Mask made by The Paul Hodges Trust: 100% profits go to charity, made by fair trade cooperatives in Ghana


Everlane have released a line of ethical face masks provocatively titled 100% Human. For every mask sold, they donate 10% to charities which protect our fundamental rights as humans. So far, they’ve donated over $1 million and they are not stopping anytime soon. A comfortable and colourful range of tie dye face masks are just the tip of the iceberg of the sustainable and ethical clothing that Everlane sells, their clothes are always worth a browse. 

Best ethical face mask Everlane


Another great way to give back to medical workers around the world is to buy a mask from Casetify. For each £12 mask you buy, they donate a mask to frontline health workers who are working hard to protect our communities. Their reusable face masks are simple but stylish, coming in a range of plain colours and fitted with an effective filter to keep particles out. 

Casetify great ethical face covering


We love their motto: “If I have to wear face masks, then let’s make them look good”. Hush have revitalised the reusable face mask into something more stylish. Made from soft cotton, they’re easy to wear and easy to look good in. What’s more, they donate £5 from every purchase to NHS Charities in the UK. That’s half of every purchase!

Hush patterned ethical face covering

Fifth Origins

Crafted from organic cotton and sustainable hemp, these traditionally styled face masks are a true call of natural expression. Elegant and authentic, they have been hand stitched by local artisans with the highest quality sustainable materials, providing a stable income to those most at risk. Fifth Origins’ organic face coverings offer all day comfort and easy breathing, are 100% biodegradable, and two layers of high thread count cotton ensures continued protection.

Fifth Origins Ethical face mask


Want to know more about face masks? 

Face masks need to be comfortable whilst also offering protection, but this doesn’t mean that sustainability should take a back seat. You can read more on why it’s important for the environment to buy a reusable face mask here. 

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