March 30, 2019

This list is the 5 best European music festivals 2019 that are truly unmissable. If you are looking to get away this summer and experience a week to remember, then read on...

Last year we brought you our 8 favourite electronic dance music festivals of 2018. This year, we have shortened this list down to just 5 best European music festivals of 2019 that you must consider.

These are the top 5 best European music festivals of 2019 as recommended by our customers. They provide a depth of music diversity beyond any you can experience within our cultured shores alone.

So if you are looking to festival in style this summer, hoping to find somewhere a little more exotic and create memories that will stick with you forever, then this list of Europe’s best music festivals of 2019 is definitely for you.


1. Oasis Festival - Morocco, September 14 - 16: Best European music festivals 2019

Many of you have likely trudged England’s muddy fields wondering whether there is a better alternative. If this is the case, the glorious sun soaked grounds ofOasis Festival in Morocco may be for you.

Just like a mirage, Oasis is the paradise which swaps soil for sand as you live it up in the deserts of Morocco. What could be better than house and techno in a sun dappled hideaway?

The all-star soundtrack is stacked with dance music legends including including multi-instrumental composer Nicolas Jaar, pioneering electronic artist Richie Hawtin, Ellum label founder Maceo Plex, Berghain resident Marcel Dettmann, and Detroit DJ and producer Moodymann. Others acts include Henrik Schwarz, Marcellus Pittman, Daniel Avery, KiNK, Karenn, Mike Servito, Chloé, Auntie Flo, Jeremy Underground, Young Marco, Charlotte de Witte, Thris Tian, Polyswitch and Young Marco.

However, this unique festival is designed to extend beyond experiential music. A priority is also given to wellness, as you can expect to be plunged into a stress free, chilled out atmosphere. This is all accomplished with the help of stage side pools, majestic gardens, daily yoga sessions and the nearby stunning Red City.

When temperatures are starting to drop and the festival season draws to a close, Marrakesh presents the perfect way to round off your summer.

Cost: €180-€200.

Line-up so far

Oasis Festival 2019 best European Festivals 2019


2. Meadows In The Mountains,Bulgaria, 9th - 11th June: Best European music festivals 2019

Another festival escape that you have to consider isMeadows In The Mountains, which takes place deep in Bulgaria Rhodope mountains.

Based 850 meters above sea level, this is about as distant from the deserts of Marrakech as you can get. Everyone knows that altitude only adds to the fun and helps loosen the tongue when sharing stories and affection with strangers. And stories the picturesque Mountains will surely provide. If you are looking for instagram snaps, then this is the festival for you.

Boundless house and techno after sundown will serve all your electro needs. As if a tribute to the Berghain itself, this full on party is for those willing to experience the best that electronic festivals can present.

Days are filled with a mix of bands playing a plethora of hip-hop, rock, jazz and gypsy-folk, allowing serotonin levels to reset in preparation for the night ahead. Despite growing popularity in its sixth year, the unique and remote mountains help maintain the intimacy of the event.

Where best to live? Not the campsite, but actually staying with the locals. Local villagers rent out their property to budding festival goers, which adds to the experience of true absorption into the Bulgarian culture. Returning at 9am to your hosts, you will be greeted with a smile and shots of Rakija (plum brandy). One to tick off the bucket list.  

Inspired by Burning Man, the festival focuses on the experience.  “Meadows is all about intimacy, atmosphere, diversity, culture and community,” explains Co-Founder Benjamin Sasse. “We strive to provide a platform for up and coming unsigned acts and DJs, curating our line-up rather than cramming the list with headliners.”

If previous artists are anything to go by, attendees will be in for a treat. Past artists include Bicep, Crazy, P, Will Saul, Moomin and Last Japan. But as if that wasn’t enough, the festival also hosts holistic treatments, spirituality sessions, and workshops including educational talks, yoga practices, meditation classes, healing and cacao ceremonies. This last practice uses the magical properties of raw cacao (yes, the stuff used to make chocolate) to help reach euphoric states, release emotions and aid introspection, sounds like a pretty dreamy therapy session.

Price - £110

Line-up so far

Meadow in the Mountains Festival 2019 best European Festivals 2019


3. Love International, The Garden Tisno, Tisno, CroatiaJune 27 - July 4: Best European music festivals 2019

Love International, Tisno has become something of a pilgrimage that must be visited by all lovers of dance music. Sun drenched and located by the Adriatic coast, it consistently crops up among the best electronic dance festivals in Europe.

Self described as the "spiritual successor to The Garden Festival", this Adriatic love affair brings the best in the world of techno, house and disco. Transformative would be an understatement, with artists gracing the stage including Avalon Emerson, Bicep, Intergalactic Gary, Joy Orbison,Ben UFO, Craig Richards, Prosumer and Shanti Celeste. Combined, they will help to truly open your mind. 

Experienced by boat, from the beaches and in a legendary open-air nightclub, there is hardly a better way to spend a week of your life than at Love International. A true exemplar of intimacy and a lesson in expert curation, this forward thinking festival attracts some of the biggest names for a reason.

The team behind The Garden Festival created something truly special in Love International. Now in their third year, the 7 day festival in Tisno, on the Dalmation coast, is a case study in how a small festival should be run.

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4. Waking Life, Crato, Portugal August 15 - August 20: Best European music festivals 2019

Self proclaimed as the place where “the boundaries of time and space are limitless”,Waking Life has naturally caught the attention of many pleasure seeking festival goers. The energetic minds behind this festival have designed something that is intended to be remembered for life. Conjuring an otherworldly atmosphere, this stunning location near to a sleepy medieval town is where memories are created and stories inspired.

WithDJs spanning the electronic music underground, from big-name techno, ambient, minimal and melodic, Waking Life certainly doesn’t leave the enthusiast wanting.

At its core, Crato is an arts festival with a distinctly creative flare. Isolation really adds to the uniqueness of the event. Ushering a sense of environmental responsibility blended with mind-bending music, give yourself a chance to reshape your perspectives when it comes to electronic dance music festivals.

Gracing the lakeside stages will be those who are willing to explore and engage in a fully immersive experience. You will be transported away to another land by captivating performances, workshops, cinemas and art installations. This is definitely one to add to the must go festival lists.

In 2019, you can expect to be graced by the likes of Ben UFO, D-Bridge, Four-Tet, Levon Vincent, Move-D, Nathan Fake and the mighty Seth Troxler. For more info on whose playing, head to Waking Life's Website.  

Line-up so far

Waking Life best summer festival 2019


5. Nowhere, Spain, 3 July - 8 July: Best European music festivals 2019

Expect to find yourself lost in a haze of euphoria as you are immersed in the aptly named Nowhere. A week-long event in the Spanish desserts, Nowhere helps create a true feeling of connection with the natural world. If you’ve considered the journey to Nevada, but have found excuses not to go, this festival might just provide the perfect alternative.

Just a few hours flight from our sunny British shores, Nowhere is designed as a homage to its more famous cousin. A rule free experiment for those who seek creative freedom and self expression, this is a homage to Burning Man itself. And what’s more, anyone can play at Nowhere, so consider taking your kit if you are keen to take the stage.

Guaranteed to be treated to a range of artisans of their craft, the music scene features an epic range that will leave your senses craving more.

What makes it more unique is that this rule free festival is a not-for-profit organisation where nobody gets paid or receives free tickets, including artists, performers, volunteers and organisers. The reason that Tickets are sold in the first place is simply to cover the costs of the event.

Before considering Nowhere, it is recommended that you consider whether this festival is right or you. Living wild in the desert, surviving only from what you bring and embracing a no money culture, this is a festival for those who seek an escape.

There is even a survival guide posted on their website. So if you are looking for a festival that provides the glitz and the glam, this one might not be your scene. You will need to take care of everything, from food, shelter, water, and other personal compliments. Clothing choices are also varied and in many cases optional.

So expect to face heat, alternative clothing, and liberated individuals at an event that can only be described as unforgettable. Nowhere is the epitome of free, open minded and equal.

However, if you are starting to feel intimidated, it must be remembered that there is no right or wrong way to experience Nowhere. Take your time, do only what you enjoy and make friends with people you have never met before.

Nowhere is an extremely free, open minded and fluid environment where you can let go of all your worldly troubles.

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