March 19, 2019

The internet is a weird and wonderful place full of bizarre trends and challenges that go viral. First there was the Cinnamon challenge, the Harlem shake, the mannequin challenge and the masterful water bottle flipping challenge. Now there’s a new craze on the block and we are all for it to go as viral as possible! Say hello to #Trashtag  

Although #Trashtag has been around for a few years, it has recently started trending on Twitter, Reddit and Instagram. The challenge is to find a public area which has been littered with rubbish and clean it up - taking a before and after photo and posting it on social media.

It all started in September 2015 when an ecological activist posted a blog on the Teton Gravity Research website about picking up rubbish in wild locations - naming it project 'trashtag'. 

Fast forward a few years to March 2019,Byron Román challenges 'bored teens' on Facebook with a Before and After photo challenge. His post gained over 91,000 likes and 300,000 shares in one week.


A few days later, shrestaz posted from Nepal which gained over 139,000 upvotes in three days...and the rest is history!  


The posts have been incredible and inspiring! There have been photos and videos from all over the world from Asia to Europe to Mount Everest! Here are our favourites so far:  



It doesn't have to be the whole stretch of a beach front either, every little helps! 

The After photo feels so good that it's worth putting in a few extra days and gathering your friends together. 

#Trashtag just goes to show the positive power social media can have on society and our planet. Following the 2nd#SchoolStrike4Climate march last week and now a trending challenge that is meaningful and inspirational, we are so proud of the youth of today.

We’re off to go grab some rubbish...see you soon with our #trashtag photo!

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