March 07, 2019

26 Ethical gift ideas for her: A guide to finding the perfect eco-warrior present

    Sustainable and ethical gift ideas are not always easy to come by...

    We have all been there before, wanting to give someone special a gift that is different, but are at a loss for ideas. We want to surprise our loved one with something thoughtful, something that shows we care and that they will remember. But all too often, we are at a loss for ideas and open to suggestions for the perfect thoughtful ethical present.

    Well, if you know she loves ethical or sustainable gifts, then this list of responsible, environmentally friendly and lovingly crafted products will help give you ideas for what she may like.

    Nowadays, many of us like to show our support for independent brands that are trying to make a difference. This might be the best ethical gift ideas guide you read today. Hopefully we are showing you a mix of ideas to get you thinking along new sustainable lines you may not have considered.

    We have collected 26 of our favourite ethical gift ideas for her, let us know if you like them by leaving a comment below or suggesting other alternatives.

    Best ethical gift guide for her

    Gung-Ho - Ethical Fashion Brand


    26 Ethical gift ideas for her: A guide to finding the perfect eco-warrior present


    1. Veja – sustainable footwear with a fashionable flair

    One of our favourite sustainable brands this year, and the perfect fashion focused gift for her!Veja are helping to transform the space of sustainable fashion, pioneering the way in both style and environmental manufacturing practices. Rapidly growing and increasing in popularity, this is a brand to watch.

    Fashion is one of the most devastating industries on the planet, all too often employing practices that both damage the environment and fail to look after workers.Veja have set out to change this, and are successfully helping to bring awareness to an industry in dire need of change.

    Veja sustainable gift for her

    Veja - sustainable footwear - £115


    2. Keep Cup – Perfect for the conscious coffee addict

    Keep Cup is a trend setting company which is pioneering the way towards a sustainable future. We all know we need to stop using single-use products and transition towards reusable items, andKeep Cup provide a fashionable way to help.

    Many of us can’t function without our morning coffee.Keep Cup provides a stylish portable cup for coffee addicts looking to promote reusable products. Why not buy a special someone a gift she will actually use time and again? Keep cups are forging the way in the backlash against single-use waste with a trendsetting design that you will want to show off.


    KeepCup - sustainable stylish reusable cups - £11


    Stylish, sleek and sustainable, what more could a girl want for a present?Olivia Burton have released a firm favourite of ours, establishing themselves in the world of sustainability by making a watch with an eco-friendly, 100% recycled strap.

    A classy gift with a twist, this is one that really stands out and will get the girls talking. Who wouldn’t be impressed at their other half thinking so considerately about the presents they give?

    Olivia Burton eco-friendly watch gift for her

    Olivia Burton - Eco Friendly Watch - £82

    4. Gung Ho – sustainable fashion for her at its best

    There are a number of sustainable and ethical fashion brands out there doing amazing work, but one that stands out by providing the perfect ethical gifts ideas for her isGung Ho.

    As well as offering a wide range of sustainable fashion,Gung Ho offers smaller accessories that are unique and ethical, perfect to show how much you care. And with every purchase, Gung Ho donates £5 to charities which help protect our oceans from plastic.

    Ethical gift for her fashion

    Statement Gung Ho - Statement Red Earrings - £25

    5. Matt & Nat Kiara Round Backpack With Tote Handle

    There’s no need to sacrifice style for substance withMATT & NAT’svegan backpack. This is an ideal animal friendly gift for a friend, loved one or for one of those ‘treat yourself’ moments. Feel good about your purchase as the lining is made from 100% recycled plastic bottles and sustainably sourced materials like cork and rubber.

    Vegan, sustainably sourced and super stylish. Fans include Natalie Portman, Fearne Cotton, Olivia Wilde, Charlize Theron, Rory Freidman, Emily Deschanel, Tobey Maguire and Adrian Grenier.

    Matt and Nat Ethical Bag Gift For Her

    Matt & Nat - Ethical bags - £130

    6. Waka Waka Power Solar Charger – the best of sustainable tech gifts

    Is your sustainable friend also interested in tech? The two seem almost conflicting, but they shouldn’t be. This is a sustainable gift for those who also love technology.

    It seems a little ridiculous that the biggest power source on the planet is right above us, yet we are doing very little to harness its power. TheWaka Waka Solar Power Charger Light lets you use power whilst being environmentally conscious. After 12 hours in the sun, the solar powered charger can fully charge your smartphone and still have energy to power its twin LED lights.

    Ideal for road trips, camping, or emergencies, this charger can add a little flair back into your life. Completely charging your phone in 2-3 hours, or providing 150 hours of light from a single charge.

    Waka Waka Power Solar Charger - Ethical Tech Gift - £69.95

    7. Bali Body Bronzing Lotion – ethical lotion that helps revitalise your skin

    An antioxidant-rich moisturiser with a hint of bronze helps smooth the skin making it feel soft and vibrant, what more could she want from an ethical gift.

    Enriched with organic caramel extract to provide an instant bronzed glow and containing vitamin E and natural oils, this nourishing lotion gets you ready for the sunshine, even in the depth of winter.

    This antioxidant-rich moisturiser will provide a hint of tint while smoothing the skin with Vitamin E and natural oils.

    Vegan friendly, natural ingredients, this product is a guideline for how all lotions should be made.

    BaliBody ethical body lotion gift for her

    Bali Body Bronzing Lotion - Ethical Skincare Gift - £22.95

    8. Pastel Nail Varnish Gift Set – vegan varnish that’s ideal for environmentalists

    A vegan gift she is bound to love is handmade, cruelty free neon nail varnish. Better still, this ethical gift is also affordable.

    This amazing varnish is full of tiny speckles, which acts to make your nails truly stand out, catching the attention of everyone you want to impress. A simple gift that can make a girl feel great.

    Ethical Nail Varnish Present for Her

    Ethical Pastel Nail Varnish Gift Set - £15.00


    9. Cotswold fudge – an ethical gift for those with a sweet-tooth

    Ethical warrior’s shouldn’t have to sacrifice the little pleasures in life to stand up for what they believe in. Every last bite blends cocoa and milk drops with exquisitely delicate fudge, produced using traditional handmade practices.

    Each bag is gluten free, palm oil free and carries the FairTrade label, earned through the use of ethical working practices and paying sustainable wages and a safe working environment.

    Ethical Cotswold Fudge perfect Present for her

    Ethical Cotswold Fudge - Perfect Tasty Ethical Present - £3.10


    10. Pacifica Island Vanilla Scented Soy Candle, an ethical gift that smells great

    Everyone girl loves a nice smelling candle, and the Pacifica Island vanilla scented candle with honey-jasmine notes is exactly that. Handmade from Vegetable soy wax using lead free wicks and natural essential oils, this signature blend is a cross of sweet and sultry that is bound to electrify the senses.

    What’s more, it is 100% vegan and animal cruelty free, with a percentage of proceeds from all Island Vanilla sales going to Ocean Futures Society, a marine conservation organisation.

    Ethical Scented Candle gift for her

    Pacifica Island Vanilla Scented Soy Candle - £15


    11. Soap Daze – a gift that helps you kick your bathroom addiction to plastic

    A gift for her with a bit of a difference, these large natural soaps are handmade in Devon and designed to help you kick the plastic addition in the bathroom.

    Designed with a useful rope you can hang in the shower, you can even choose to order the soap without the paper packaging and save £1.

    These soup bars come in a wide range of scents and are all made from natural ingredients which nourish your skin. Flavours include coffee and raw cacao, black pepper and ginger, oatmylk, tea tree and spirulina,Lemongrass and Patchouli, cedarwood and grapefruits, lavender and orange, lemon and lime.

    Ethical Soap - prefect ethical gift present for her

    Soap Daze - pollution free sustainable soap - £7.50

    12. Blushberry clay face mask, the perfect ethical gift a your beautify friend

    This relaxing ethical gift for her comes as a dry powder, you just add a drop of water to make a fresh clay mask. Handmade in Scotland with organic ingredients, each skin type has a specific formula including calming and purifying, detox and antioxidant, nourishing and smoothing, exfoliating and brightening.

    This comes in a plastic free metal tin and a bamboo application spoon, allowing you to ditch the dependence on single use plastic products. Once finished, you can simply order a refill to help avoid further wastage.

    Ethical Clay Face Mask Gift For Her

    Natural Blushberry Clay Face Mask With Bamboo Spoon - £10



    It’s likely that every eco-warrior will want this in her cupboard. A cosmetic cleaner made from organic coconut oil, Virginutty’s Makeup Melt is a natural cosmetic cleanser that’s kind to skin without sacrificing its dedication to ethical practices. It works by softening keratin caps in pores and dissolving hardened sebum, preparing your skin for cleansing and toning.

    To be used as part of your daily skincare ritual, this pure coconut oil palm washes away everything from foundation to waterproof mascara. Simply massage over makeup and watch it works its magic. Hand crafted in the UK from vegan friendly, all natural sustainable materials.  

    Ethical Make Up Melt - Gift For Her

    Virginutty Makeup Melt - Perfect Ethical Present - £12


    14. BLUSHBERRY BOTANICALS ORGANIC LIP BUTTER - 3 ethical tins gift set for her

    Handmade for her, this rich creamy lip butter is made only in small batches in Scotland using the best quality natural, vegan and animal cruelty free ingredients.

    Using organic cocoa butter, shea butter and coconut oil, these nourishing ingredients melt onto your lips, leaving them feeling soft and moisturised. They almost smell good enough to eat.

    Coming in tins, they offer another plastic free alternative that she will love, and come in a range of irresistible flavours.

    Ethical Lip Butters - Perfect Present For Her

    3 Tins Natural Organic Vegan Lip Butter - £12


    15. THE SINGING LEAF ORGANIC LOOSE LEAF TEA GIFT SET – ethical gift for tea lovers

     I challenge you to find me an eco-warrior who doesn’t love tea. This organic loose tea gift set comes with your choice of 2 organic tea leaf infusions and plenty of sustainable tools to explore, such as 1 bamboo weaved basket tea infuser, 1 pair of bamboo tea tongs, a bamboo spoon, and reusable cotton tea bags. It is truly perfect as a gift for her if she loves a cuppa and cares about the environment.

    Each organic bag is surrounded by locally sourced and hand foraged herbs and plants, adding to her longevity and wellness. The Singing Leaf prioritize sustainability in everything they stand for, even making their packaging from biodegradable materials including the plastic packaging, which is made from corn starch!

    Ethical Tea Gift Set For Her

    The Singing Leaf Tea Gift for her - £4.50


    16. LA AQUARELLE ORGANIC SLEEP GIFT SET – an ethical gift for those who love sleep

     Everyone sustainable gal loves her sleep. Sleep helps revitalize, rejuvenate and makes us happier, ready for the coming day.

    This is the perfect natural gift set for any dreamer. It includes a soft eye mask dyed using natural plant dyes and comes in a range of colours. After you have chosen your preferred colour, select whether you want soft and gentle organic cotton, or bamboo silk which is hypoallergenic and especially good for sensitive skin (bamboo is our favourite material here atCariki)

    This pack also comes with a calming lavender herbal sachet, helping even the most reluctant sleeper fall asleep fast. Put it under your pillow, near your headboards or close to the bed. Lavender proves a natural remedy for a range of ailments, from sleeplessness to anxiety to depression and mood disturbances. Each pouch contains 28g of organic French lavender buds, handcrafted here in the UK.

    Ethical Luxury Sleep Gift Set For Her

    Organic Natural Sleep Gift Set - £32


    17. Build Your Own Eco-luxury Bath Set- Cruelty-free vegan Custom Spa Gift Set for her

     Spoil her with a ethical gift which will leave her  feeling relaxed and pampered. Made from premium ingredients and handmade in Cornwall, this eco-luxury bath and body care kit is an ethical gift she is bound to love. Bloomtown has won the 2017 Free From Skincare Best Brand Award, offering a range of beautifully wrapped gifts personalised to your choice.

    Inspired scent from their green community, blending a range of aromas that will bring your senses to life and perfect for even the most sensitive skin. Their products are vegan, cruelty free, palm oil free, and contain no sulphates, parabens, petrochemicals or synthetic colours, to name but a few.  

    Build Your Own Eco-Luxury Pampering Gift Set For Her

    Build your own Eco-Luxury Gift Set - £29.70


    18. The Organic Soap Box – Gift Set Of 4 Organic Natural Soap Bars

     Sustainable, ethical, handmade, this beautiful selection of 4 organic soaps is the perfect gift for her. Presented in a fully recyclable gift box, making it almost too pretty to keep it under wraps when gifting it as a present.

    Organic and palm oil free, these soaps come in the following flavours.

    Lavender and Oatmilk Soap - Relaxing & Calming
    Peppermint Soap - Cooling & Refreshing
    Milk & Honey Soap - Creamy & Gentle
    Rose Geranium Soap - Sweet & Soothing

    All come packaged in an illustrated craft box and matching gift tag, nicely tied up with a cotton ribbon. Each bar is lovingly hand stamped and wrapped in FSC certified paper with a compostable sticker and printed with vegetable inks, making the entire gift fully recyclable and biodegradable.

    Made in Gloucestershire, Soap Folk is certified by the Soil Association to ensure your soap contains no herbicides, pesticides, chemicals, parabens, synthetic dyes or artificial fragrances.

    organic soap ethical gift set for her

    The Organic Soap Box Gift Set - £24


    19. ‘Dear Tree’ Wallet Style Vegan Leather Phone Flip Case – ethical phone case gift idea for her

     Every eco-warrior needs one of these in her arsenal, a 100% cruelty free vegan leather phone case. More than style, this phone case makes the perfect gift for a ethically conscious friend, or even as an ethical present for yourself.

    Artwork by Mason Denaro, this vegan gift isn’t just stylish, it is also practical, with pockets designed to carry your cash and cards all in one place. Coupled with a button strap for added security, this is the perfect blend of creativity, ethics and style.

    Create&Case aims to help transition customers away from dull accessories to something more fun and more original. Through bold, contemporary artwork from progressive illustrators and graphic designers, Create&Case aim to bring you something a little different to what you find elsewhere.

    Vegan Iphone case ethical gift for her

    Vegan phone case - perfect ethical gift for her - £24.99


    20. AmaElla’s fast fashion fighting lingerie – the perfect sexy sustainable gift for her

    AmaElla are fighting fast fashion by producing ranges for a patient world. Their lingerie is made from organic cotton, helping protect both the environment and protect her skin from chemicals.

    Made in a family run factory which employs women from the local area,AmaElla helps train workers and ensures that their work days are as happy as can be.

    Organic Ethical Pyjamas gift for her

    Organic Cotton Pyjama Top - £60


    21. Small White Vegan Leather Purse – stylish ethical gift for her

     A vegan leather purse with artistic designs may just be the ethical gift she is looking for. Crafted using cruelty free leather, this purse allows you to carry your essentials in style without the harming animals or the environment.

    Unlike PVC, which most counterparts are made from, this purse contains no toxic chemical chlorine, and is much kinder to the environment.

    Hetty+Sam ensure originality by choosing to use bold, contemporary artwork on their products to bring you something unique. These make perfect gifts for those conscious creators trying to stand out whilst making a difference.

    Vegan purse ethical present for her

    Vegan Purse - Perfect Present for her - £38


    22. Bamboo toothbrush – sustainable essential gifts that help you kick plastic dependent lifestyles

    A gift idea that may seem a little basic, but every environmentally conscious individual should consider the impact of their basic habits.

    ThisZero Waste Club bamboo toothbrush from Selfridges has a 100% biodegradable and sustainable handle, is vegan, BPA and toxic free nylon bristles, and the bristles themselves are easily recycled or degrade within 30 years. What’s more, it is actually good for your teeth, as the anti-bacterial nature of the fibres inhibits germ growth.

    It is hopefully a sign of things to come that bigger brands are starting to answer the growing environmental issue by providing sustainable basics.

    Bamboo sustainable toothbrush basics gift for her 

    Sustainable Basics - Selfridges - £5


    23. Tiba and Marl HONEST SKINCARE SOOTHING BODY + BATH OIL – ethical gift ideas for her

    This perfectly tailored oil is made with the environment in mind and makes for a great gift. Healing, calming and ideal for dry skin, it contains a blend of nurturing ingredients.

    Easily absorbed and fragrance free so as not to irritate sensitive skin, this oil is lovingly hand crafted in the UK, and packaged using recycled amber glass and tested only on animals.  

    Body lotion ethical gift for her

    Tim & Marl Ethical Skincare gift - £28


    24. Hairstory dry shampoo and ethical hair products – practical and perfect ethical gifts for her

    Before we added chemicals to our hair, hair was freshened with various crushed herbs and natural scents. Now the way we look after our hair has been reengineered with hairstory’s list of hair products, leaving other chemical products in the dust.

    Whilst simultaneously ensuring oil free hair, extending the life of your carefully crafted hairstyles, beefing up braids or helping looks hold, the microfine granules provide an ethical way to take care of your hair and a practical gift idea that every girl needs to hear about.

    Made from vegetable and mineral matter that is invisible to the eye, silky to touch and smells gorgeous.

    Dry shampoo ethical gift for her

    Ethical Dry Shampoo - A gift she is guaranteed to reuse - £39


    25. AN ECO-CONSCIOUS gift with a difference

    For those super-conscious about the environment, this sustainable gift is for those truly dedicated to the zero-waste lifestyle.Eddington's Bee's Wrap Honeycomb Reusable Sandwich Wrap may sound like a peculiar present, but I bet a special someone will be impressed at your creative thinking and commitment to the environment.

    Made from organic cotton, sustainably harvested beeswax, organic jojoba oil and tree resin, its 100% natural and fully biodegradable. Wrap anything from your sandwiches to prepped veg, it comes in a variety of sizes ready for pretty much anything. And it keeps its shape much better than foil or cling film. No more waste, simply rinse and reuse.  

    Bees wax natural clingfilm - £13


    26.A sustainable lifestyle gift guide - ENCOURAGE AN ECO-CONSCIOUS life

    A slightly different gift for a sustainable individual looking to learn. Christine Lui’sSustainable Home is written for someone who considers their impact on the planet and is looking to improve.

    Offering advice across every room, from the living area, kitchen, bedroom and bathroom, Christine provides an 18 step guide to promoting a more environmental lifestyle. Whether making your own toothpaste, converting to green energy, to reducing consumption of plastic or growing your own herbs, Christine has considered it all in her easy to follow step-by-step guide to more sustainable living.

    Sustainable living guide ethical gift for her

    Sustainable Living Guide Book - £13.50


    Sustainable and Ethical Living: Present and gift ideas for her

    What have we found so far?

    Still haven’t found the perfect sustainable or ethical gift?

    Still haven’t found the present that you like? I would recommend taking a look throughEtsy where you will find some truly unique and wonderful handmade gifts.

    If you have any comments, or any other suggestions that you feel you might like to add, please make a comment below. We would love to see any sustainable or ethical gift ideas that you might have.

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