Properties of Ecovero: Is it stretchy, breathable, does it wrinkle?

March 12, 2023

We all are trying to lead a more sustainable lifestyle, and Ecovero can help make that transition easy. Afterall, Ecovero has many amazing properties that make it perfect for sustainable clothing. 

Before you rush out and buy any Ecovero item you can get your hands on, there may be a few basic questions you are asking. 

Is Ecovero breathable to wear and does it stretch? If I buy Ecovero clothes, will it wrinkle or crease? How do you care for Ecovero, and does it shrink?

Well, we’ve got all your answers here. 

If you want to read about the basics, this article has more on what Ecovero is and how it’s sustainable. Alternatively check this out for more onEcovero vs. Tencel - what are the real differences? 

Is EcoVero breathable?

Yes, Ecovero is a very breathable fabric, making it perfect for anything from sports clothes, intimate items or even bedding.

Ecovero is made of natural cellulosic fibers from sustainably harvested wood sources. These fibers are structured in such a way that air is easily able to pass through, making them incredibly breathable. 

This also means that moisture can be wicked from the skin, helping prevent the build up of sweat and even reducing the growth of bacteria (which causes your clothes to smell). 

The result, a thermoregulating fabric that is perfect for hot weather. 

Does EcoVero stretch?

Ecovero is not a stretchy fabric. This is because the cellulosic fibers that Ecovero is made from are not naturally as stretchy as other fibers. 

Generally, 100% Ecovero will only stretch between 2% and 3%. This is not always the case. 

Ecovero is often mixed with other fabrics to add more stretch and flexibility to the finished product. This means that the Ecovero garment you buy will have some stretch and a level of flexibility. 

As Ecovero is a man made fabric, its fiber width can also be made thicker or thinner. This gives the fabric incredible versatility, and means the end product can be made to be more rigid or more flexible. 

Generally most Ecovero clothes will be stretchy, but will not lose their shape over time.

Does ecovero stretch?

Does Ecovero shrink? 

Ecovero naturally resists shrinkage, but as a form of viscose fabric it can shrink by 3 to 5% when it is first washed. 

After the first wash, it will not shrink further. For that reason, it’s best to wash Ecovero on a gentle cycle and make sure to follow the care instructions on the label. 

Soaking Ecovero fabric for a long time, washing it at a high heat and tumble trying will all cause Ecovero to shrink. 

How do you clean EcoVero viscose?

You can wash all Ecovero fabrics in the washing machine, but make sure the temperature is at 30 degrees Celcius (90 degrees Fahrenheit) or below. 

When cleaning Ecovero, don’t use any strong detergents. Avoid chlorine bleaches that might damage the natural fiber, and wash on a gentle cycle. 

When drying Ecovero, it’s best to let it air dry. Try to avoid using a tumble dryer as it can cause the fabric to shrink. 

How to care for Ecovero

Does Ecovero crease or wrinkle? 

Ecovero is naturally wrinkle and crease resistant, but just like any fabric it can wrinkle. 

If you need to remove wrinkles, gently touch up the fabric with a steamer. A steam iron can also be used at a lower heat, but make sure to check the care label for advice. 

Wrinkles can often fall out naturally if you let the fabric hang for a few hours. 

To avoid wrinkles and creasing, try to leave it neatly folded and not pressed in your wardrobe. 

How does Ecovero feel? 

Ecovero typically feels very soft, much like similar viscose or lyocell based fabrics like Tencel or Modal. This makes them great for anything from underlayers to bedding. 

Ecovero is very breathable, especially when compared to cotton. This is due to the way the fabric is formed, able to moisture wick and let air pass through easily.

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