November 18, 2019

Top tips for making your Black Friday a Green Friday 

Black Friday feels a little like a new taboo, however it doesn’t have to be a bad thing! It can be a great opportunity to buy your essentials at a discounted price. And if you’ve got the right approach, it doesn’t mean you’re ‘giving into consumerism’ and should feel guilty! Here are some ways to approach Black Friday with a Green mind:

Be Prepared

We know how tempting it can be when you’re scrolling on instagram and something shiny and flashing with an ‘irresistible discount’ seduces you to BUY NOW. Before Black Friday comes around, note down exactly what you need and go straight to the source to get these. By taking the time to write these things down, you can really think about whether these are a must-have, or just a nice-to-have. If you are looking to replace something that’s damaged, is there any way that you could repair it first, maybe try a bit of crafty upcycling? 

Buy Nice or Buy Twice

This is our cariki motto. Just think about the total cost compared to the lifespan of your clothes. Buying 1 timeless, classic, good quality piece which might cost more at the time but in the long run, it’s better than buying 3 over 3 years which might end up in landfill! Think of it as an investment ;) 

Take a second, think about it

As with the list making, it is always good to pause before purchase to ask yourself a few questions: Do I really need this? Do I know where this was made and who made it? Do I know what this is made of and whether it is sustainable? 

How many times can you use it?

This is one of the top tips we’ve heard from sustainable stylists. It can be hard to stay ‘on trend’ with the constant changing world of fashion, but a great way of judging whether your next purchase will be a good one is to ask yourself, ‘can I wear this in more than 3 ways?’ - if you can imagine various occasions that your item will suit, it will save it from becoming the dreaded wardrobe dust-collector with the tag on.

Shop independent brands

For small independent brands, every purchase means a lot. We personally see every order and pack every parcel, and it leaves you feeling more positive about your purchase as you know you are making a difference. Many small brands may not be able to offer a massive discount in comparison to some high street retailers, but your money is going to a better cause. Show your support by shopping at smaller independent brands, particularly if they are trying to do something for the planet. 

What’s your opinion of Black Friday? Have you heard about any other independent brands helping the planet this holiday season? If so, we’d love you to share any idea’s below.

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