November 27, 2019

Cariki launches on ASOS!!!

Newsflash - Cariki is now on ASOS Marketplace! 

See our full product offerings of sustainable fashion now on one of the UK’s biggest fashion sites.

Sustainable fashion is going mainstream! One of our goals here at Cariki is to increase everyone's exposure to sustainable fashion and to see responsible alternatives start to influence larger retailers.  

We are now living this dream. As sustainable brands continue to compete with our fast fashion counterparts, we are hoping that more will take up the sustainable cause. 

In effect, we are inviting competition, and we welcome it for the good of us all!

This is a very proud moment for us at Cariki, and one we are excited to share with you. 

Years of work building our sustainable brand, and it’s now official. Cariki is entering the big leagues. 

Exciting times lie ahead…

Cariki partners with ASOS Marketplace

A very brief history of Cariki and ASOS

Believe it or not, this is actually not the first time we have applied for ASOS!

Back in our earlier days, we applied in 2017 but sadly were rejected. 

Needless to say, this was probably a good shout! Just starting up, with limited product range and generally very little clue about the fashion industry, I am unsure whether we would have been able to coupe with increased demand. 

More importantly perhaps, I fear that had the volume of orders increased too quickly we may have been pressured into following a less sustainable route. 

Now our determination for sustainability is firmly set and our supplier base well established, we are ready to take on the might on ASOS and reach a broader audience. 

We’re excited for the coming years! Continue to follow our journey as we expand further at

Asos marketplace partner with Cariki

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